Government innovation + open data:

The task at hand is to hack something useful and creative together that leverages the open datasets below. To stand out, be sure to couple the dataset(s) information with a creative way of using it in a social or interactive way.

For example, coupling the beach location dataset with the ability to invite your friends from twitter = quick and fun beach party planner.

Get creative and have fun. Goodluck to all!


Outdoor fun

Datasets that contain the locations of various outdoor points of interest.



Datasets that contain public transport scheduling information and traffic data


A listing of the successful applicants to the City’s new Street Food Vending program.


Health and community
Various datasets revolving around health and the community.





Hackathons are opportunities to apply the skills you learn in class, from your job, or side hobby. They are awesome events to connect with like-minded students and gain hands on experience in something challenging, fun, and new as you are building a prototype or designing a markup for an app/website within a certain amount of time.

  • Ottawa is a government town. In the last few years, all three levels of government (municipal, provincial, federal) have been delving into open data hackathons and the city is gaining momentum in this space (CODE, apps4Ottawa)
  • We want to build up Algonquin College’s involvement in the hackathon space, and so we are ending the year with our inagural hackathon revolving around Government Innovation!

A curated list of datasets will be made available to you at the start time. They are open-data sets provided by various levels of government and will provide you the opportunity to get creative and utilise the data to hack together something awesome.


Hackathon Sponsors


$500 in prizes

Best technical submission

Best non-technical submission

Fan favourite

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


  • Qualifying teams are those that are comprised of 50%+ membership from current Algonquin College students or alumni from the past 5 years.
  • All members must be in Ottawa
  • Maximum 4 individuals per team, allowing solo submissions as well
  • If you require help with filling out your team, get in touch with Godfrey Joekumar or Ronald Ekambi


  • A detailed mock-up, prototype, or functional technical submission (mobile or web-application)
  • Must utilize at least one data-set and make reference to it in your submission
  • Must not use a pre-made submission.
  • Must be a submission created during the official time of the hackathon weekend
  • Submissions must be in a proper format that can allow for the judging panel to evaluate their merit without a great degree of difficulty or use of proprietary software

How to enter

Register your teams by clicking on "Register for this Hackathon"


Jonathan Milne

Jonathan Milne
Managing Director, Innovation @ Invest Ottawa

George Borovec

George Borovec
Ex-CEO & Co-Founder ~ ReTreasure & Treasure Chest Marketplace

Jason Connell

Jason Connell
Portfolio Startup Ambassador @ Invest Ottawa

Howard Rosenblum

Howard Rosenblum
Algonquin College professor

Christopher Doré

Christopher Doré
Algonquin College professor

Riccardo Brun del Re

Riccardo Brun del Re
Portfolio Manager, Applied Research and Innovation at Algonquin College

Ali Al-munayer

Ali Al-munayer
Government Innovator, Android developer

Judging Criteria

    Does it do something entirely novel, is the project new and something that is fresh and creative?
    Is it well designed? was there considerable thought put into it?
    Is the project well communicated? Was the story of its importance/usefulness communicated in an effective way?
    Is the hack technically interesting or difficult? (only applied to technical submissions)
    Polish is about that extra glossy coat of perfection. Does this submission have things that make it shine?

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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